Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week in Review

87+ miles
13.5 miles MLR
2x5 miles workout @ 603 average
22 Mile Prog. Run @ 6:40 average
8 Runs
0 Days Off
1 Lift Session

After a much needed down time last week, I came into this week feeling fresh and excited for the workouts.  I took advantage of the federal holiday on Monday and got in almost 14 miles with Laurie and Pezz at a brisk pace before setting my sights on the rest of the week. I felt good on my workouts and strong on my progression long run, gradually decreasing the pace from 712--6:51--6:31--6:13 for each five mile segment before enjoying a nice two mile cool down.  All of my achilles issues have gone away as I continued to ice, get massaged and perform my own ART on my tight calves.  I'm just three short weeks out from CIM and my excitement is just as strong as it was eight weeks ago.  Now, I'm really working on what I want my race strategy to be and focusing on the mental tenacity that is going to be needed to achieve my goals.  Visualization is key and my focus will be on relentessly positive energy throughout these next couple of weeks and during the race.


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