Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week in Review

85 Miles
7 Runs
0 Doubles
3x3 Miles Success
23.6 mile long run in 2:45:00 @ 7:00 pace
1 Lift Session

This wraps up a five-week streak of 80+ mile weeks for me.  Last week I wasn't really feeling the full effects of marathon training on my body, but this week was definitely different.  My left calf and achilles are tight, and, albeit minor, I want to monitor it appropriately so that it does not lead to anything more serious.  I got a massage with Adrienne on Friday and had Garrett scrape me on Saturday...and on today's run, I didn't feel tight any more.

All my workouts were completed within the target pace ranges that Terry had suggested, so I'm really happy about where things are progressing.  My "time-on-the-feet" long run was a little bit quicker than Terry had outlined, but I still completed 2 hours and 45 minutes on my feet, almost enough to get 24 miles.  I didn't care enough to run the extra two minutes to get a full 24 miles.  I figured the faster pace outweighed the need to round out to an even number.

Looking forward to a half marathon race next weekend in Columbia, SC with Laurie before one final week of hardcore training.  Cal International Marathon is just five weeks away, and I feel ready!


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