Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tempo in the Cold Cold Rain

8 miles at MP with the option to run the last 3 miles at the same pace or at 5:50-6:00

3.62 miles warmup
8 miles in 49:15 (6:09 pace) with splits of 604, 606, 610, 609, 608, 608, 617, 613
2.3 miles cool down for ~14 miles total

I would have liked to have finished a bit stronger on this workout, but the terrain and the rain didn't make this easy.  In fact, I felt pretty terrible overall throughout the whole workout.  I had been in the car for 6 hours the night before, but that is no excuse.  In Greenville for Thanksgiving, I went towards ECU campus and then headed down the greenway that goes about 5 miles.  I did an out and back 4-mile course, so the last 2 miles were somewhat uphill and on very slippery wooden planks.  I felt the worst on those two final miles, and contemplated stopping about every 800 meter.  However, Garrett was there biking with me in this miserable, cold rainy day, so I felt like I had to at least make his effort worthwhile.

In the end, I don't normally feel fantastic in the last big workout leading up to the marathon, so I'm not really putting any extra thought around it.  In the end, I did hit around goal marathon pace, so that's always a plus. I will note that once I got home from the workout, my left hamstring was ridiculously tight so I rolled it and had Garrettt do some work on it.  I'm hoping it's just from the slippery boards and nothing a deep massage can't fix.


maryanne said...

Caitlin- have a terrific run this Sunday! Sure wish we could be there to see you take on your third 26.2. You have trained smart and hard, and now you pray that all the weather gods are smiling on you as you fly out and back in the air and from Folsom on DOWN the Sacramento roads to that beautiful flag draped finish at the statehouse. Have a GREAT day! Love you, Mama

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