Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week in Review

80 Miles
4-3-2-1 Mile Workout
10k PR in 34:56
17 mile EZ long run
12 Mile MLR
7 runs
0 Days off

With just six more weeks to go until CIM, I continue to feel very strong.  I can tell that I'm used to marathon training now because after the Tuesday 16 mile workout, I didn't have sore legs that required a recovery run at a slower pace.  I achieved a new 10k PR this weekend without even tapering and really only felt crappy on my long run today.  Frankly, I'm most amazed at my mindset right now.  With each new workout or race, I am filled with a new confidence and a belief that my goals are realistic.  I am having fun and enjoying every step on this journey to qualify for my second Olympic Trials.  Just four more weeks of solid training before I get to go into taper mode and really focus on my mental training for the marathon.


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