Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pre-Race 1000s

10-12 miles total with 5x1000m, odds at 5:50 pace (1:00 rest), evens at 5:30 pace (2:00 rest). 6th one 30 sec on / off

2.6 mile warmup
3:37 (1:02)
3:26 (1:58)
3:35 (1:05)
3:26 (1:55)
3:34 (2:06)
30 sec on/off 1000m in 3:39
3 mile cool down for 10 miles total

I ran this solo, except for the first interval where I briefly had Phil and Tim running with me.  After that, I was pretty lonely, but I figured it didn't really matter since I have a half marathon this Saturday.  Not much to report, except that I came away feeling prepped and ready for hopefully a great half on Sunday in DC.  About mid-morning, Meagan texted me:  "So, your half is cancelled?"  I had no idea what she was talking about, but after some facebook stalking, I discovered that the Woodrow Wilson Half course went right through a national park, which was closed due to the government shutdown.  The half was cancelled, but I didn't know that during the workout.  If I had, I definitely would have done a couple more repeats.


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