Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week in Review

83 Miles
20+ mile long run with 10 miles @ 6:05 pace
15+ miles with 3 miles @ 6:15 pace
7 Runs
0 Doubles
1 Lift Day

This week I didn't have a traditional workout day, so it kind of felt like a "down" week.  However, I also don't feel like I sacrificed any quality or quantity by doing so.  Instead, I hit a solid week of mileage without any doubles and, even better, my legs feel great.  I'm honestly surprised I was able to hit above 80 miles this week since I was in Asheville from Friday to Sunday, but I've got my eyes on the big picture (CIM and OT '16) so I have some extra motivation to get work done.  Also, I got accepted into the Duke Cross Continent MBA Program, which starts in July 2014, and ultimately means that I will lose some precious weekends to race, so I need to get all of my athletic goals accomplished before my schedule becomes a lot more hectic.  I'm excited for the challenge of fitting in my running with the 20 hours a week that I will need to dedicate to my studies on top of my job at Bank of America.  Until the program starts, I am going to continue hitting my mileage targets and watching as many television series as possible.


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