Sunday, December 30, 2012

(Wedding) Week in Review

43 Miles
7 Days of Running
1 Lift Session
1 Wedding

Here's the summary, and you can find the proof in the pictures below.

  • I spent the first part of the week celebrating Christmas with my immediate family in Charlotte.  John left the house so we could take it over (best roommate, ever)
  • I married Garrett Bullock, effectively dropping the name (and initials) I've become so fond of.  Introducing Caitlin Rose Bullock aka CRB.
  • Garrett looked away from me when I looked up at him while walking down the aisle.  Later he told me that it was because he was afraid he would cry.
  • Our priest, Father Brian Cook, gave us one of the best wedding ceremonies I could have asked for.  People are still calling our parents telling us how powerful his mass was.
  • I didn't cry at all during the wedding events.
  • 100% of my Charlotte friends consumed the perfect amount of alcohol, which would equal "too much" in any other normal person's mind.
  • I ran every day with friends from Charlotte and around the world.
  • I ate a lot of really, really good food.
  • I enjoyed every single minute.
My last night as a Chrisman was spent snuggling with Meagan.

The beautiful Church

Mom, Dad and Vanessa at the Rehearsal Dinner

We're hitched...On the way to pictures!

Bridal Party Pics
Proud Daddy!

Thank God for our private dinner before the reception

Merry and I in the waiting room
Wedding Party Pics

What an epic after party at foothills, with my family here.

Charlotte in full force at the after party

They are all very, very drunk

Mom. Dad, me and their new son
Garrett escorted his mom down the aisle.  She cried the whole time.
 And, in case you missed it, our epic first dance.


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