Monday, December 24, 2012

(Birthday) Week in Review

50 Miles
1 Workout
11 Mile Long Run
2 Lift Days
1 Yoga Session

I have never been so excited to run 50 miles!  Lots is happening right now, so here's the short story:  the two best times in a woman's life are (1) when she gets married and (2) when she is pregnant.  Since I don't know much about #2, I'm making an assumption based on my experience with #1.  This whole week, I've been treated like a princess.  People have been so kind and generous and accommodating for the upcoming wedding.  I have been given countless gifts, well wishes, and just straight happiness.  Perhaps it's the holiday season, or perhaps it was because it was also my birthday this week, but getting married truly brings out the best in people and it's so exciting to be enjoying this whole experience!  I'm only 6 days away from the day where I commit to spend the rest of my life with Garrett and to build a family with him.  Running 50 miles this week was just a small feat on this busy agenda, but one that I don't want to go unnoticed!  Next week when I write, I'll be Mrs. Bullock and I will have dropped from #6 to #11 in Aaron's ranking of most important ladies in his life.


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