Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week in Review

32 miles
6 days of running
3 days of sickness
2 days of lifting
8 mile long run

Yeah this isn't the week I wanted it to be, but life got in the way.  I lost weight, my wedding dress is too big, I stressed too much over the wedding, I got sick, and I haven't been able to sleep.  Not in that particular order, but that summarizes my week.  My shin is fine when running, but when I perform self massage on it, the left shin doesn't feel the same as the right, so I'm not 100% better yet.  I'm hoping I can get in a respectable long run next week and hit 45-50 miles so that I'm not sucking wind the week of the wedding.  On a positive note, I was able to get well enough to attend the celebration party that Laurie hosted at her house for Garrett and I.  It was great to hang out with everyone in a non-running environment and to just sit back, laugh, and enjoy everyone's company.  We have such a great group here in Charlotte!!


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