Sunday, January 13, 2013

(Honeymoon) Week(s) in Review

Week of December 31
22 Miles
3 days off
2 Days of hiking
5 days in hawaii

Week of January 7
44 Miles (with 31 of those miles in CLT)
5 Days in Hawaii
1 Day off
1 Day of Hiking
1 Day of Kayaking

After the wedding, Jordan, Meagan, and Merry all stayed at our house through New Years.  All sorts of people were coming in and out of our house as Garrett and I packed for our honeymoon.  We still managed to go out with our friends for NYE before heading to the airport at 8AM to catch our flight.  We finally made it to Kauai at 9PM their time, and made it to our adorable cottage by 10PM.  Time is five hours behind CLT in Kauai, but we adjusted quickly to the schedule.  Running was beautiful, but sparse.  The summary?  I got married, went to Kauai, didn't run much, but did all sorts of other outdoor activities to make up for my laziness from running.  Time was spent with just Garrett and it was absolutely perfect.  I made up for the low mileage the second week by running 31 miles in Charlotte.

Now that I'm not planning a wedding in my spare time, I'm not sure what I'll do to make up for the extra time.  For now, I'll put my focus on my training, with the main goal to gain fitness and perhaps target a fall marathon.  I don't feel ready to begin training 100% yet, but I hope to start adding very light fartlek workouts beginning this week.  After a month of training, I will jump into a low key race to gauge my fitness level and make a decision about whether or not to run the BAA 5k.

Our adorable cottage

Thank God for Costco.  Saved us hundreds of dollars

Double rainbow

The hikes were always muddy


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