Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week in Review

95 Miles
4 Doubles
19.5 Mile Long Run
2 Failed Workouts
1 Bike/Car Accident

This marks my second week of running in the upper 90's for my mileage.  Fortunately, this time around it felt much easier. Somehow I even managed to run only 5 miles on Friday and still hit 95 for the week.  In my spare time, I watched hours of the Olympic Games, sometimes fast-forwarding through events like the men's road cycling since it lasted like five hours.  I've seen more heartbreak than victory at this point, but then I remembered that out of the 10,000 athletes that have made it to the Olympics, only a couple hundred of them will walk away with a medal. So, in the end, the Olympics is typically filled with more heart-wrenching defeats rather than inspiring victories.  However, I still believe that every athlete at the Olympics is a Champion in some way shape or form because they can say that they are one of the top athletes in the world.

Speaking of the Olympics, I'll be flying to London next Thursday to watch the women's 10,000m track final and the women's marathon.  I'm not sure what kind of mileage I'll be able to hit while I'm in London due to the expected crowds in the places I would typically run--Hyde Park--but I'm crossing my fingers that I'll still be able to get in some pretty high volume.  I'm running with Meagan's friend Emily Kroshus who also happens to be good friends with Heather Magill, so that should help me at least get some solid miles in without even thinking about it too much.  I can't wait!


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