Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week in Review

73 Miles
2 Doubles
13 Mile Long Run
5k Race in 17:04
$380 in prize money

This was a down week to prepare for the NC 5k Championships at the Beat the Heat 5k in Winston Salem.  I posted a good pre-race workout, enjoyed racing at the 5k, and got in some solid miles at my old stomping grounds at Salem Lake.  The heat and humidity is probably at an all time high, meaning it's absolutely awful and sweaty and squishy and just plain nasty.  Every run ends with a puddle of sweat on the sidewalk, at least four gatorade bottles consumed, and a soaked pair of shoes that require newspaper to dry out. In just two weeks I'll be in London, spectating at the Women's 10,000m final and the Women's marathon.  Can't wait!


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