Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week in Review

Goal: 80-90 Miles

85 Miles
4 Doubles
15.5 Mile Long Run
2 Workouts
1 Dance Lesson

Considering I was in Atlanta for three days this week and in a car for a full day, this was definitely a successful week.  I performed all the workouts on the plan and hit my target mileage, despite high temperatures and no training partners for two days.  I enjoyed a fabulous visit with my sister who came all the way from California to hang out!  The humidity here didn't scare her away and we were able to enjoy a couple of my easy runs together as she rollerbladed alongside me through the houses of Myers Park.

Our trip to Atlanta was filled with several, expensive trips to Whole Foods in Buckhead and some wedding shopping at Lenox Square.  Vanessa was a good sport when I took off for five hours to attend Ottie and Sheryl's wedding where I reunited with several of my Wake Forest teammates and reminisced on past memories that I would have rather forgotten.  Of course, I was the designated driver and spent almost thirty minutes carting around several very drunk former teammates before finally settling on dropping them off at Taco Mac for them to continue on in their drunken activities.  It was at that moment that I wished Garrett were there because either 1) he would be my sober wing man or 2) I would be in the backseat participating in the debauchery with my friends, acting just as obnoxious.  Clearly, option 1 was what I was stuck in, which was fine because I had a lot of fun hearing their antics.

Next week I'll be in Charlotte for the entire time and am looking to hit 95 miles, which will mark my all time high!!!


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