Monday, June 13, 2011

Pre Race Workout Fun

8-6-4-2 getting faster on each one

3.2 miles warmup
Time - Distance - Pace
8:00 - 1.36 - 5:53 (uphill)
6:00 - 1.04 - 5:46 (flat)
4:00 - .75 - 5:20 (flat/downhill)
2:00 - .37 - 5:24 (flat/uphill)

3 miles cool down for 10.6 miles total

This workout was a lot of fun because it featured two people that I don't typically work out with! Alice Rogers and Aaron both came out to my house during the early morning hour of 6am to run down the greenway and onto the Booty Loop for a little pre-race fun.  Aaron just wanted to get his wheels rolling for Grandma's Marathon and Alice just wanted to hang out with us before she goes to the Jackson Hole Half Marathon.  Will Isenhour met us as well and we all embarked on our warmup together until we made it to the Booty Loop.

There really isn't too much to report except that I ran on feel and effort alone and just wanted to get faster on each interval.  The hills were great to run hard on to mentally prepare for the Running of the Bulls 8k rolling course.  Overall, my legs felt really good and relatively recovered from the China Grove 5k.  I was most surprised that on the cool down they didn't feel as run down as I had expected.  The quicker that I recover after work outs indicates how much better shape I am in, so I'm hoping that my legs feel fresh and light tomorrow as I become accustomed to my work out routine. 

I am hoping that Alice works out with me more as she begins her training for the Chicago Marathon in hopes to qualify for the Trials.  I know she can do it and want to be an integral piece to help her achieve that goal!


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