Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week in Review

85.3 Miles
8 Runs
20 Mile Long Run
$250 Cash Prize
1 Mile Road Race in 5:18

This was definitely a big week!  I ran a 5 mile tempo, a 3x3 mile workout, and a 1 mile road race to win some cash dolla dolla billz...and topped it all off with a 20 mile long run.  While my body felt like a train wreck after the long run on Sunday, my massage therapist from Balance Bodywork practiced two hours of magic on my sore muscles and now they feel much better.   

My mile race time wasn't anything astounding, but I did just enough to win the first place prize of $250.  Once I went through the 800m point around the center of Trade and Tryon, I knew the next girl was most likely to place in second, so I settled down and cruised in.  I'm not training for a mile; I'm training for a 25k in 3 weeks.  The dolla billz will go toward my travel fund to visit Garrett while he's away playing baseball until September.  A girl has got to see her boyfriend! 

This also marks the first week in which my social life came back to life since the GMAT is finally out of the way.  On Monday, the Kinlo's came over to watch the Boston Marathon.  On Saturday, I cooked the Kinlo's a delicious meal of stuffed eggplant, sweet potato fries, and salad with feta and cranberry.  On Sunday, I hung out at the pool with Jenna, Meagan, Michelle, Thomas, and Matt drinking mimosas and getting sun burnt.  It was definitely an Easter week to remember.  I'm looking forward to our first Hepp/Hovis training camp next weekend!

1 Mile Race (courtesy of Bill Shires)


Anonymous said...

Hi Caitlin, I just found your blog! Way to go on the mile race, and that's a solid 3 x 3 miles. Sounds like y'all have a fun group in Charlotte. Miss the Kinlo's! Good luck with the 25K Champs.

Cool Down said...

Next time, I will to get one of you floating in the air like Aaron.

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