Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week in Review

80.5 Miles
14 Mile Long Run
10 Mile Race in 1:00:52 
$420 earned in Chapel Hill
9 Runs
3 Cities - Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Orlando

After a short 2-day trip to Orlando and after a short drive to Chapel Hill, it should be no surprise that my body feels like it has taken a beating.  I'm exhausted!  However, this week has definitely been a good one both in social and running terms.  I had such a great time visiting with Garrett during his two days off from work and was able to get in a solid workout there.  I kept the mileage high despite heading to Chapel Hill for a 10 Miler. 

I won $420 at the NC 10 Mile Championships, which is always a great thing. I wish I got paid $420 an hour all the time!  I can put this toward the massages that I need to get this next month. I've got a couple more weeks of 80-85 miles and then I'll be lowering the mileage to prepare for the USA 25k Champs. 


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