Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week in Review

63.5 Miles
6 Runs
1 Day off
14 Mile Long Run
10k Race in 35:43

I thoroughly enjoyed this down week because it allowed me some much needed restSme of the highlights:.  I got in runs with Will, Jay, Aaron, Megan, Paul, Matt and many other friends.  I ran a PR of 35:43 at Richmond. Now I'm only 50 seconds away from my college 10k PR!  I rode the Megabus from Richmond to Charlotte and enjoyed a jostling ride as the bus was pulled side to side by the high winds. 

Next week will be pretty exciting as I'm off to Orlando for 48 hours from Monday to Wednesday to visit Garrett on his off days.  On Friday, I'll be staying the night in Greensboro and then making the trek to Chapel Hill on Saturday morning for the Tar Heel Miler.  I'll be a traveling queen.  Looking forward to logging 80 miles a week again and spending time with the beau.  


Marc said...

Our week's were eerily similar:
62.5 miles
6 runs
1 day off
16.5 mile long run
10k in 31:21


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