Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15x1 Min On/Off

15x1 Min with 1:30 Rest

2 mile warmup
15x1 Min with 1:15 rest at an average of 5:03 pace
~4 mile cool down for 10.2 miles total

Initially, I asked Meagan Nedlo to do this workout with me because I have missed her company on workouts.  Unfortunately, her boyfriend/coach/roommate Jordan told her that minuters were prohibited because he considers them to be "too short of a workout."  Apparently Jordan doesn't know that several people do 20x1 Minute to prepare for longer races, including James Kwambai, who is a 2:04 marathoner.  While his thinking could very well be sound, I do wish that Eric and I were graced with Meagan's presence this morning, but she obeyed her coach's strict order to do 800m repeats the next day.  

Since the 10 Mile Race on Saturday, my legs have been a mess.  Nothing is in pain, but all the muscles in both of my legs seem to be extremely tight.  My IT Band is really tight but I have not had any pain in my knee.  Knowing that my legs are not completely recovered, I was a bit weary of this workout and hoped that they would hold up on this speedy workout.  After the warmup, the legs didn't really feel any better, so I crossed my fingers that everything would fall into place once we got going.  

Eric and I did 2 loops of the Dilworth Two Mile Loop.  There isn't much to report except that we ran at a pace much faster than the last time I did this workout in February, when we averaged 5:10 pace.  This time through, we averaged 5:03 pace, with 8 intervals between 4:50-5:00 pace, 2 at 5:01 pace, and the remaining 5 intervals at 5:03-5:10 pace.  I felt really strong and maintained my form throughout, even though my legs were pretty dead.  

I'm hoping that my legs will calm down a bit more before I really start to do some more 25k Specific workouts like 3x2 mile and 3x3 mile.  Luckily, Byran at Balance Body Work massage was able to get me in on short notice to work on my legs.  The most important thing is to keep myself healthy this year, and I plan to keep it that way if I can help it!


Stephen Spada said...

Glad you had a nice workout. I saw that you advertised it on Facebook and I wanted to do it yet it was too late. I'll try and make the next one...

JoKin said...

yea yea yea. thanks for proving my point too. mr. kwambai takes that workout so seriously that he run for 55 minutes later that day and does the workout two days after his 38k long run at sub-2:20 marathon pace.

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