Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week in Review

59 Miles
10M with 2 x 2.5m via 558/555/251, 2:30 jog rest, 2M in 555/553, 90s jog rest, .48M in 540 pace
14M with 5 miles at 637, 611, 612, 614, 606, 636 

The highlight of this week was throwing up in the middle of my workout on Tuesday.  No really, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Nothing better than approaching the imaginary finish line for the last rep of an interval and throwing up right before you reach the end.  Fortunately (or unfortunately?) it was just water, but I threw up twice on the side of Stevens Creek Trail before dejectedly heading back home.  I don't know what was worse - throwing up on the side of the trail or having to run another 1.5 miles back home before I could lie down and let my stomach recover.  The good news is that it didn't appear to be any particular bug, and I just limited my food intake for the next couple of days while cautiously continuing to run and take in tons of liquids. 

By the time Saturday came around, I felt ready enough to do 8 miles with Jenna before taking off for an uptempo portion of the long run.  It's definitely been a bit painful to do some of the faster workouts, such as the one I did earlier in the week, but I am very much enjoying the long runs and the tempos above 6:00 pace.  I'll need some more time to regain my comfort level with running sub-5:50 pace over the next couple of weeks.


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