Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week in Review

38 miles
6 days of running / 1 day off
2 lifting sessions
1 rock climbing session
8M with 4M tempo at 640/636/622/612 as pacemaker for Howard
9.4M long run
1 massage

Things continue to stay the same, meaning that I might not be injured any more!  I believe that a combination of factors have led to my ability to nip this injury in the bud:  1) consistent weight training regime, 2) massage therapy once a week and 3) patience and trust.  It's easy to get excited and to jump right back into the thick of training.  But, really, there's no point to that. I don't have any races set on the calendar.  If I am toying with the idea of any races, it's because I want to represent the Strava Track Club and give back to them since I have been completely MIA at the track practices.  I know that I must put my ego aside and just get ready to lace up eventually, even if I've had a couple of bumps in the training so far.  Regardless, I'm feeling pretty confident that I've put the achilles flare up behind me.  My goal now is to help Howard out for some of his marathon workouts because they allow me to get some work in, but not hard enough to put me at risk of doing too much speed too soon.  We'll see how next week pans out!


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