Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week in Review

10 Miles
3 days of lifting
2 days of rock climbing
1 hike

I've been down this injured achilles road before, so I decided to shut things down and to continue lifting weights instead.  I hate running sporadically, with all decisions to go on a run dependent on how my achilles is feeling.  I would rather take time off than to juggle the conflicting emotional decision making.   And so with that, I lifted a bunch, went on several walks and went rock climbing.  There has been a ton of rain, so I have avoided sloshing through puddles at least!

I did get some answers from Jenna, as well as a PT at San Francisco Cross Fit.  Seems that most of my underlying issues are stemming from the same source as last year's injury - tight calves, tight lats and an overactive back.  I've been working on corrective exercises to remedy this issue.


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