Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week in Review

3M total
5 days off
1 mile run on Saturday
2M run on Sunday at 608 pace
4 days in Plano, TX
1 yoga session
3 weight lifting sessions

Phew! What a whirlwind week:  I was in 4 states in the span of 3 days!  It's nice to finally be back home.  I started off the week in Plano, Texas for some facetime with my teammates who are helping Bank of America to launch Erica - a digital assistant for the mobile app.  It's really hectic and crazy when I go to the Plano office, with lots of work and team dinners, and not enough time to unwind.

Since I can't run, it's tough to sleep right now.  So, naturally, in the middle of the night on Tuesday, I decided to book a ticket to Raleigh / Charlotte to surprise Michelle before she goes to London (and also to pick up the remaining items I left in Durham after my separation).  I landed in Durham late on Thursday night and headed over to Billy's to spend the night.  I was sad that I couldn't run so we could catch up even more, but I had a crazy day on Friday.  I woke up early to pack my car full of the boxes of books I left at Billy's house before driving over to Amanda's house to get those boxes too. As Amanda brought my boxes down, I was reminded about how much crap I had left here.  While simultaneously catching up with Amanda and playing with her boys Owen and Eli, I sorted my stuff into piles - ship back to Cali or take to Goodwill.  After an hour, I said my goodbyes and stopped at Goodwill before going to the UPS store to ship three boxes of stuff.  It took a long time to wrap all of my art, but I was able to get it all sent out without a problem.

By 9AM, I already felt extremely accomplished and still had to drive 2 hours to Chatham, Virginia to see Don Reagan, a PT that I greatly respect.  Don validated some of the things that other clinicians had told me and also cautioned me to stick with just one person so that I don't get overloaded with too many opinions.  After two wonderfully painful dry needling sessions, I felt great.  I really wish dry needling were allowed in California!

After my appointment in VA, I drove to Charlotte to surprise Michelle (and Danielle!).  It was great to hang with the women who have stood by my side through a tumultuous year and to celebrate Michelle's job transfer to London!  It was here in Charlotte that I attempted my first run, a whopping 1 mile jog with Michelle on Saturday.  I didn't feel my achilles, so I knew that my lifting was helping me improve and get healthy!

And sadly, after a couple of hours at the brewery, I had to say goodbye to my Charlotte family and head back to California.  I'm so glad that I finally sorted through my belongings in Durham and that i could find closure in that chapter of my life.


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