Sunday, October 4, 2015

(Duke Residency) Week 2 Week in Review

Week of September 28th:
64 miles
1 day off
19.5 Mile Long Run
12 miles with 4 x mile repeats
36 hours of classes
7 days at Duke

My last week of residency classes for my Duke Cross Continent MBA! I went out for the first time this residency and did it with a bang.  We went to karaoke and had an absolute blast.  There's no wonder why I took the next day off, especially since we had class the following morning at 8AM.

It's been stressful because of the workload in our negotiations class and because of the stuff I need to get ready for my big move to California.  I've basically had zero time to prepare for the move and to start packing.  I'm proud of my mileage during this week and especially enjoyed the long run and the brunch with my Durham runner peeps, who sent me off in style, even if I had a cold.


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