Sunday, June 7, 2015

(Finals) Week in Review

66 miles
1 day off
1 double
2 workouts
14 mile long run
4 days in Boston
16 hours of finals for two classes

This was a big week, but definitely not from a mileage perspective.  Let's see...What did I do?

  • I spent four days in Boston at the offices of an ad agency for some work related projects.  
  • I got to see Coach Terry in person for the very first time since he's been coaching me (which has been for two years now).  He even timed me in a workout on the Charlestown track in the cold, wind and rain.  
  • I went to a runner girls' dinner with Meagan before having a sleepover with one of my favorite training partners.  
  • I reunited with Liz, my college teammate and roommate, since she was in Boston for an interview for a PA job at the hospital.
  • I ran two workouts (down ladded on the track and mile repeats with less than 60s rest)
  • I completed my Decision Models final (it took 12 hours) and I completed my Marketing final (it took four hours).
  • I ran long with over seven people on Sunday and it went by so fast!
  • And I was so tired during every single ounce of this week.  So happy to be done with Term 4 of my MBA!


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