Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week in Review

61 Miles
400m, 2M, 200m track workout

While this week looks pretty decent on paper, it was just brutal mentally.  It's been 100 degrees here in feels like it's August and that I'm running in a swamp.  It's been really rough.  To further complicate matters, my hamstring is fairly tight right at the insertion point to my glute.  Even though I had a great workout at the track on Wednesday, I knew my hamstring wasn't right. With coach, we had both decided that it would be best to take time off the week after Beat the Heat 5k in late July.  However, after dealing with my hamstring issues, I decided it was best to just pull the plug and take my week off starting on Sunday of this week.  I typically like taking time off right after a big goal race because I feel like I earned it.  This time around, I feel a little anxiety because the time off felt somewhat forced upon me.  Hopefully I'll get over that real quick.


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