Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rest of June in Review (Turkey!)

Week of June 15
7 days off
7 days of 100 degrees
10 hours on a plane to Turkey!

So what did I do this week? I focused on rolling, stretching and doing all the things my PT told me to do. I made lots of really good meals for Garrett and me. I completed my pre-reading in preparation for Term 5 in Istanbul.  I packed for our trip.  I finally had time to meet Amanda and catch up with her.  I ran into an ex at Whole Foods...I mean it really was an eventful week full of everything it should be.  It was a great break for me mentally.  By Saturday night, Garrett and I landed safely in Istanbul, where the sun was shining but the temps were cooler at 70 degrees!  We reunited with Nick at a hostel and explored the Old City in one day.

Ice baths to keep my legs healthy
Did some face masks with Cicero
Taksim Square

View from our hostel in Old City

Garrett and Nick sharing a moment in our hostel

Week of June 22
28 miles
0 workouts
3 Days in Cappadoccia, Turkey
7 miles longest run

Garrett and I enjoyed our first trip across the Atlantic together as a couple by heading to Cappadoccia, Turkey with Nick.  We stayed in a really awesome hotel built into a cave...a place that had been in a family for hundreds of years.  We hiked a lot, saw caves with early Christian art on the walls, ate delicious Turkish food (lentil soup is my jam) and just relaxed.  I got to ride in a hot air balloon over the valleys of Goreme.  While expensive, it was completely worth it. When we were finally in the air, I couldn't even tell because the lift off was so smooth.  I got to fly above the clouds with several of my classmates and see the shadow of our balloon in the clouds.  Even after we landed, we got to help deflate the balloon by running on it and pushing the air out.  I felt like a little kid all over again and was so elated!  By Thursday night, we were back in Istanbul.  On Friday, I did some more pre-reading while Garrett and Nick did a cruise on the Bosphorous. I was sad to say goodbye to Garrett on Saturday and to start classes, but I did enjoy a nice break leading up to the hectic schedule of Term 5 residency.  With class on Saturday and Sunday, Katie and I both got out of bed every morning to get our runs in so that we could be as alert as possible for our Managerial Accounting and Operations classes.


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