Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week in Review

70 Miles
0 Doubles
Workout 1: 10 miles @ 644 average
Workout 2: 12 miles with 10 x 1000m @ 334 average with 1:00 rest on Duke track
Long Run:  15 miles with 6.5 miles in 613 average via 624, 627, 619, 614, 608, 601, 2:55 last 800m

Overall, after just three weeks of having real half marathon workouts since my two down weeks during my MBA, I'm finally beginning to feel like I'm in shape!  I feel pretty strong in my workouts and I have a lot of confidence that I can maintain my fitness throughout my MBA.  It seems fairly manageable to run about 70 miles a week without sacrificing the quality of my school work.


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