Sunday, September 28, 2014

(Finals) Week in Review

67 miles
10k Tempo on track at alternating paces
15 miles with 5 mile tempo at 600, 551, 500, 557, 547
13 Hours for Accounting Final
2 Hours for Managerial effectiveness final

I was really proud to have hit 67 during my first finals week of the Fuqua MBA.  This week featured the much-hyped accounting final, where I had heard stories and rumors that the test would take up to 18 hours.  For those that don't know, when I was at Wake, I had never gotten a B in my life, and suddenly I got a C- in my first Financial Accounting course.  I skipped right over the B's and plopped right on the low end of C.  It was devastating.  In order to seal my admission to the undergraduate Calloway School of Business, I had to retake the class in the Summer term.  So, yes, this was my THIRD time taking this subject, and unfortunately I don't remember much from either of those two course.  So I completed the final on Friday and it "only" took me about 12 hours.  After that, all I wanted to do was watch an episode of New Girl and eat chocolate.  I decided to sleep in the next day and do all the things that I don't typically get to do, like go to the farmer's market and take a field trip to Umstead to run easy with Amanda.  It was a great way to just take a mini-break before I begin to prepare for Term 2.

It's clear from the above that workouts this week were secondary to my finals, but I still got them in.  My long run wasn't perfect, but I somehow still hit most of the splits prescribed by Coach T-bone.  It was my first "meh" workout in a while, so I was definitely due for one.


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