Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rest of August in Review

Week of August 18:
78 Miles
1 Double
2 Days in CLT
Workout 1:  6 x 800m @ 239-240 with 2:30 jog on Speed Loop with Caleb
Workout 2:  12 miles MLR with 4 miles in 612, 555, 606, 550
Long Run:  16 miles in sub 7:00 pace

Fresh out of Term 1 Fuqua MBA residency, I headed to Charlotte for some face time in the Digital headquarters at Bank of America.  In the meantime, I ran 26 miles in two days there, which almost hit the same mileage I had run the week before at Duke.  Meagan was in town for the weekend, so it helped tremendously to just have her around to step out the door and get running.

Week of August 25
70 Miles
1 Double
Workout 1:  13.1 miles with 6 miles in 633, 627, 622, 612, 611, 544 with Meagan
Workout 2:  12M with 4 x 1.5M @ 602/258 (1:47), 550/257 (2:00), 557/256 (1:59), 553/255
Long Run:  13.5 miles at sub 700 average

I spent the majority of this week in my hometown of Carbondale, Illinois for my parents' 40th anniversary and my HS hall of fame induction.  I was especially humbled to be inducted into my high school hall of fame because I was the youngest by 14 years compared to any other inductee.  It was tough to get motivated to run because it was so hot when I was Illinois, but I was happy with my weekly mileage here.  


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