Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week in Review

52 Miles
8 runs
1 Day off
2 Lift Days
36 Hours in a Plane, Train or Automobile

While I had grandiose plans to run 60 miles this week, I sort of knew it wouldn't happen.  The focus of this week was on family and celebrating the wedding of my brother Ben to his wife Nathalie.  To complicate matters, it was hot as hell all across the midwest and I traveled more hours in more modes of transportation than I ever have before. Starting Monday, I was at home in Illinois, in Ohio on Tuesday, at home on Wednesday and Thursday, back in Ohio on Friday and Saturday and finally back in Charlotte on Sunday.  You could say that I took a tour of the Midwest, of sorts. 

I'm still just running base mileage, which made it easier and less stressful since I didn't have workouts looming over my head.  Instead, I enjoyed some quality time with my parents and siblings.  I could have opted for a long run at 6PM on Sunday night, but instead I decided to read a book and cook a healthy meal.  It was well worth it.

You can learn about the rest of my week through pics.

A visit to see my grandma
My favorite little man with his unbuttoned shirt


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