Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10x400m in Dilworth

10-12x400m with 1:30 rest

4 mile warmup
10x400m with 75 sec rest @ 78-80 with one at 75
2 mile cool down for 8.7 miles total

pm: 5 miles with Nick from house (13.7 miles for day)

Caleb moves to the suburbs in a couple of weeks, so I will be losing the luxury of having a training buddy just half a mile from my house.  I am really maximizing my workout time with him as the weeks pass and his inevitable move date comes closer.  Fortunately, Laurie isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so we pulled her in for some speed as well. 

This was the first workout back for the girls so we opted for the Dilworth Speed Loop instead of the JCSU track.  Laurie and I didn't even check our splits so that it was purely based on effort.  Of course I cheated after 6 and asked Caleb what he had been hitting.  My legs definitely felt a little rusty, resulting in Caleb being a couple steps ahead of me on each one.  I didn't like having him pull away from me on each one, but I found that my motivation was rather low, making it difficult to push ahead of him.  I did muster my fastest split of the day at the very end, which is always a great way to walk away from a workout.  Other than that, I was pleased wtih the first hard effort back after a 4 week hiatus.  Looking forward to getting into half marathon specific workouts. 


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