Friday, July 5, 2013

June in Review

Week of June 17:
53 miles
6 Days Running
Half Marathon Champs in 5th to last place, 1:20:04
1 Day Off

Week of June 24:
4.5 miles
6 Days off
2 Days in Quebec
Reunion with my husband

Week of July 1:
39 Miles
10 Mile Long Run
1 Day off
4 Days in Quebec
5k Race in 17:22, $150

This summer of racing has definitely had its share of highs and lows--starting first with an abysmal performance at the NC USATF 10k Champs in May, followed shortly thereafter with quite possibly my best 5k performance since my freshman year of college, culminating with the worst half performance I've had, ever.  I don't have any excuse about my performance in Duluth, but I do know that surely it is not any indicator of where my true fitness truly lies.  Sure, there were a couple of hiccups along the way, like an unexpected throbbing pain in my lower back the night before the race, so agonizing that I wasn't sure I could even start the race.  Fortunately, my back calmed down after I warmed up, so basically I just had a very bad day and shrugged the bad performance off about the same time that I cheered Laurie coming in for her marathon finish.   Of course I wanted to run faster and prove that I could indeed run with some of the best female distance runners in the country, but I have plenty of opportunities ahead of me to do so, again and again.  I will continue to improve and each race will put me one step closer to achieving my goals.

Most importantly, I took a step back and realized there are few things that I need to do:  (1) get a coach and (2) execute the lifting plan Garrett made me last year.  I'm working on #1 and I haven't started on #2 because I'm just now finishing up my two weeks of rest!  Of course I'm dreading the three days a week that I will lift, but I'll get over it soon enough, so long as I stick to the plan.  My mini vacation to visit Garrett was a great way for me to reflect on my running and what I want to focus on next.  The perfect, dry air and cool temperatures provided me great inspiration to get training again for what I know will be a terrific fall of racing.

For the rest of 2013, I'm looking forward to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon on October 6th.  Beyond that, I may be toying with the idea of a winter marathon with Meagan, Laurie and Sarah, but I'm not making any decisions until summer has past.  Fortunately, the fall is a long time away and I still have two more months of training through the North Carolina swamp.  I hope to get in some good base mileage over July and August before buckling down into longer interval and tempo training in preparations for a marathon.

Several people have asked about the Trials and what my goal may be there and, for purposes of full disclosure, I would indeed love to qualify for the Trials, but I also have hopes of starting a family around the same time that the Trials would be held.  My goal will be to qualify, but with the understanding and acceptance that family will trump athletic events.   Until then, every mile I run will be another step towards achieving the Trials standard!


maryanne said...

Gary had a tape he made us and I don't remember who the singer was, but one of my fave songs that got me tru races was "everybody rolls a bad stone". That pain you had in your back is one I have also had, sometimes right after I warm up just a little, but that must have been unnerving! So you were off not even ight seconds a mile from your PR. Bad stones happen.

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