Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week in Review

64 Miles
15.5 Mile Long Run w/ 3 miles uptempo
2 Workouts
2 Yoga Sessions
1 Weight Session
3 Days with Meagan

When I found out that Meagan would be coming this week, I knew that it would be a week of great quality workouts.  Instead of doing one workout this week, I did 10x400m with Meagan in some of the most dismal conditions ever, but still hit times faster than normal.  I've only been doing workouts for about 5 weeks, but I've already seen marked improvements in my fitness.  It's been a really exciting last couple of weeks because it's very easy to see how quickly I'm improving as times are dropping quickly.

Today's long run was a success as I ran 3 solo miles around 6:00 pace in the middle of the long run.  The guys were trying to hit goal marathon pace, which was a tad slower than what I was trying to hit, so after about 800 meters with them, I dropped the hammer to hit 6:00s instead.  Considering that last fall I had trouble hitting these paces after a 2 mile warmup, I'm confident that running lower mileage right now is the best thing for me.  My race season begins in full force in March and then carries through April, with 4 races in 6 weeks.  I am still on the fence about the USA Half Champs because I want to run a race where I have men to push me, instead of being in no man's land.  Grandma's race committee knows how to put on a great race, however, so it will be a tough decision.


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