Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week in Review

59 Miles
6 Runs
3 Mile Tempo Fail
14 Mile Long Run

2 Lift Sessions
60 Min MOGA Deep Stretch
60 Min Foam Rolling

This week wasn't exactly what I was looking for in quality running.  The fluctuations in temperature and humidity had a negative impact on my body.  As a result, I performed dismally in my what-was-to-be a five mile tempo.  On Saturday, I was hoping to do 2 miles uptempo, but the fastest I got was around 6:45.  We ran the entire long run around 7-715, so perhaps my legs were just tired in general from my first race in over three months.  Fortunately, my mileage has been consistent and I look forward to continuing this upward mileage trend.  What I love about running 60 miles a week is that it is so entireably manageable.  I felt like taking a day off on Monday.  I did.  It's amazing how running fewer miles makes me feel like I have so much more time!

In unrelated running updates, Garrett and I continue to explore our options for post-graduate studies.  Garrett is taking 12 hours a semester to reach the pre-requisite requirements for Physical Therapy and I'm researching part-time MBA programs.  There is a possibility that we will have to leave Charlotte in the Fall of 2014, and there is another small possibility that we will have to be a long-distance married couple.  It all depends on which programs we each get into. 


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