Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week in Review

62 Miles
1 Workout
15 Mile Long Run
60 Min Deep Stretch
2 Days in NYC

I'm behind on my blog because I had too much fun in NYC with Jay, Aaron, and Lauren.  The first five days of the week were spent in Charlotte, where I crushed my first real speed workout back and knocked out a nice 15 miler on Friday morning before heading to work. Fortunately, Caleb and Charlie have become my reliable Tuesday workout partners in the early morning hours.  They have pushed me to run faster than I would have expected at this point in my comeback.  I had a slight scare on Thursday night because my oblique had been twitching for 24 hours.  About every 10 seconds, my oblique pulsated for a couple of seconds, before quieting down.  Garrett massaged it for me after we discovered that it was extremely tight.  It wasn't painful or anything, more just uncomfortable like strong hiccups.

On Saturday morning, I ran Denise's dog in the sleet/freezing rain before heading to the airport for NYC.  Some highlights from NYC include:

  • Witnessing several American records get shattered at the Millrose Games
  • Staying out until 4AM bar hopping from most likely one of three track & field bars in entire USA to an underground club, to a pub, to a speakeasy and finally to a pizza joint.
  • Hanging out with Jay and Lauren in their awesome neighborhood, Chelsea, in Manhattan
  • Seeing Nicole Schappert and Kelly Polisin, my old Wake teammates
  • Eating delicious vegan food from Blossom, and eating unhealthy food from Jacques Torres chocolate
  • Eating at the Grey Dog with Nicole and Heidi and Aaron - the food was delicious
On Sunday night, I closed the week by turning out the lights at 9PM while Jay worked until midnight.  I don't know how he runs so much and functions so well at work.  Either way, he was a great host and I'm very grateful to have him and Lauren as such gracious friends.


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