Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week in Review

90 Miles
3 Doubles
22.5 Mile Long Run
1 Workout
1 Newborn Baby - Eva Penny

No, I didn't have a baby.  But Garrett's cousin Emily did!  On Sunday, December 18th, the Adams and the Bullocks filled Rex Hospital's Nursery 2 to watch as baby Eva got her first bath!  This was my first experience seeing a newborn baby, albeit through a shield of glass, but it was still a life altering experience.  The fact that almost 20 people were there to welcome baby Eva into this world is a clear indicator of the vast amount of love that every single person in this family feels for Eva.  Unfortunately Garrett and I did not get a chance to hold her as we had to take off after the family Christmas gift exchange to make it back to a birthday celebration that Billy Shue had organized here in Charlotte.

The trend of sharing love continued from Raleigh and all the way to Charlotte's Cantina.  Garrett and I arrived at the restaurant, where several of my close friends had gathered to wish me an early happy birthday.  After we got our food, Carolyn announced that all the guests should share a story about me.  As Jay said later, it felt either like my rehearsal dinner or my funeral.  I'll go with rehearsal dinner.  In the end, all of my friends shared a story with the group.  The kind and thoughtful tributes practically brought me to tears as I realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by such caring people.  Matt Jaskot shared perhaps one of the nicest things he's ever said to me in his entire life, but if you want to know what he said, you'll need to ask him so he gets embarrassed.  To top it off, Jay and Lauren made a quick cameo appearance, fresh off the plane from New York City. 

With so much love going around, it really makes the running update seem rather mundane in comparison, so I'll just leave it at this:  running went great this week!  Steve Spada ran the entire 22+ mile long run with me, even though he has no logical reason for doing so!  Talk about dedication!


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