Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week In Review

90 Miles
2 Workouts
1 Day of Lifting
21 Mile Long Run at 717 Pace
3 Dance Lessons

Success!  Second week at my highest mileage ever.  This week was a turning point for me in that I believe my iron has reached adequate levels.  Of course, this is all speculation because I haven't gotten my iron checked again.  I am supposed to get it done tomorrow, but I'm most likely not going because my last visit cost $300 and I can't really fathom spending $600 in less than a month on two blood tests.  Needless to say, I was able to keep up with Alana and Pezz in an 8-mile tempo on Tuesday, run a solid 20x1 min workout, and enjoy 21 miles with at least 10 different people this morning.  Clearly, things are my blood is getting the sufficient amount of oxygen it needs!  With the way I'm feeling now, I am anxious to start setting out at a faster pace, but I'd like to wait one more week to make sure the feeling of euphoria lasts.
Next week, I've got a short tempo on Tuesday before heading out to Kiawah on Thursday night for my simulation run on Saturday morning.  My goal is to run 610-600 pace.  The plan is to start at the same pace I'd like to go out in at the Trials.  Hopefully it will go something like this:
Miles 0-6:  605-610 Pace with Aaron (18:30 through 3 miles)
Miles 7-9:  555-605 Pace
Miles 10-13:  550-600 Pace for 1:18:30-1:19:30
Cheers to full iron stores!


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