Tuesday, December 6, 2011

4 Mile Tempo

5 Mile Progression tempo at 615-540

3+ miles warmup
4 mile tempo in 23:58 (601, 558, 601, 559)
3+ miles cool down

I actually don't know if the splits above are exactly right, but they are close enough for you to get the picture.  On this December morning, it was a humid 60 degrees.  Did I mention it's December?  If I'm fantasizing about snowflakes and cuddling near a fireplace in December, then something is clearly wrong.  I'm ready for the cold already. 

Anyways, I did this workout with Spada on the Dilworth 2-Mile Speed Loop in the early morning hours.  It's funny because I thought that I was running much more terribly than I actually was since the darkness made it difficult to read my Garmin splits. I thought that our first mile was a 6:11 (it was 6:01) and I thought that our last mile was 6:10 (it was 6:01).  I felt terrible, but who knows if it was the iron, the low humidity, or the fact that I've run 86, 90, 90 miles for the past three weeks.  Last year around this time I was cranking out 60 minute tempos at 6:00 pace.  I know that I am capable of running 600s for a much longer period of time (in fact, will put that to the test on Saturday at Kiawah), but for now this is what I have to work with it, and I'm pleased with the effort. 

Did I mention how much I love working out with Spada?  Typically we are pretty evenly matched, he is encouraging, and he's just hilarious. Right now, since he doesn't have any big goal race in the near future, it means that he is more flexible with his workout plan.  This also means that, so long as our schedules coincide, that I have a guaranteed workout buddy to replace Jordan. 

In other news, I get my iron checked on Thursday.  The results should be in by Friday or Monday.  I'm crossing my fingers for a number above 15 (which is still ridiculously low, but I know that I can still run fast with that level).  I will keep you all posted!


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