Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week in Review

60.9 Miles
0 Doubles, 7 runs
5 miles below goal weekly mileage
1 workout

So, if you're actually a regular follower of my blog, you might be wondering why I did not post about another workout this week. However, knowing that my blog doesn't quite have the comedic effect that Megean Nedlo's blog has, I'm doubting that you questioned my lack of workouts. Despite the fact that Meagan and Jordan were 1,197 miles away from Charotte in Texas, I picked up the exact same bug that they recently just overcame. The sore throat, scratchy voice, sniffles and mini coughs have plagued me (and my running) over the past three days. You read that right, I picked it up after Thanksgiving. While I had a 6x3 min fartlek planned for Friday, I scrapped that as my head felt like it might explode and that my lungs might be displaced while I coughed. For that reason, I kept it simple, but was still able to get a nice long run in of 16 miles on Sunday with Matt and John at Davidson in the mid afternoon.

I hope to return back to my normal routine of workouts next week, with the understanding that effort is the important aspect to focus on until this sickness passes. I won't focus so much on pace so that I walk away with a positive attitude.

Most importantly, I was able to still reach a respectable weekly mileage while away on the Thanksgiving holiday and spending time with Garrett's family. I had a great time cooking a Thanksgiving meal with their family. Undoubtedly, I missed my own family, but since I still have Costa Rica still fresh in my mind, I felt much better than I otherwise would have.


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