Monday, November 8, 2010

Week in Review

60.7 miles
1 double
1 Flight to Costa Rica (4.5 hours)
1 Van ride to Manuel Antonio (4.5 hours)
5 miles of walking

The first part of this week (Mon-Thurs) was spent in Charlotte, so I was able to get in a decent amount of miles before heading out on a flight Thursday mid-day. Meagan and I had a mediocre workout on Wednesday morning and then I had a rainy morning run on Thursday before going to the airport with Garrett. Once arriving in San Jose, I ran in a gated neighborhood by repeating a 1-1.5 mile loop about 4 times on both Friday and Saturday. Sunday I ran down a mountain, walked back up, ran down another mountain to the beach, ran on the beach, and then walked back up the mountain to end my run. Overall, if I can keep this pattern up to run every day, I'll be good to go upon my return to Charlotte.

Also, thanks to Jay Holder and Mark Hadley for providing me updates on Shalene Flanagan's NYC Marathon Debut. Studly.


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