Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review

64.8 Miles
1 Double, 8 runs
15.5 Mile Long Run
1 Day in Winston-Salem

I don't really remember much about this week except for the fact that Liz was in town, which was a great time. As my first week back into "real" training, I posted two solid workouts (3x10 min and 12x1 min) and a long run of 15.5 miles. I feel more tired on my easy runs and more spent on my cool downs. I know that in just a couple week's time, I'll feel very strong, but I just need to be patient to get there.

I also can't help but think about how different/difficult it is going to be to train hard over the holidays, as this is something that I have never actually done in my entire running days. I am preparing my mind for this since I'm not used to actually working out over Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. This Half Marathon training cycle will get me prepared for what it will be like next winter when I'll be training for the trials. This week I feel like I did not run with as many different people as I usually do, since Aaron, Jay, and Paul just finished up with the Richmond Marathon, and since some girls are sidelined with injuries. I'm sending everyone healthy vibes!


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