Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week in Review

63.2 Miles
0 Doubles
10k Race in 38:13
Long run of 12 miles

Hey hey, it was my first week over 50 miles since the marathon! I guess I need to start getting my rear in gear anyways, since it's been four weeks. This week was pretty uneventful as I didn't feel great on any of the runs, workouts, or races. Fortunately, I've got a good feeling that my legs are finally going to bounce back next week. The highlights came mostly from the company: the workout with Thomas and Michelle on Tuesday, an easy run with Kelly Fillnow on Wednesday, and then an easy run with Justin on Friday. I took advantage of sleeping in most days, so that was a huge plus. I plan to frontload this next week before I take off for Costa Rica at 1045am on Thursday. Looking forward to a tempo with Meagan on Wednesday.


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