Monday, October 11, 2010

Jumping Right Back In...Week in Review

Now it's been over a week since the marathon, and I'm pleased to say that my legs feel 99% recovered. In fact, they started feeling fairly decent about three days after the marathon. I had to fight the euphoric feeling to just run my heart out, and instead chose to follow the advice from my wise high school coach. He had told me on Sunday after the marathon that I would find myself to be in euphoria with running, the most in love with it than I ever had been before, but that it would be in my best interest to keep running to a minimum. Like a high school girl trying to get over a bad-boy crush, I ignored my desires and took it easy...but only in running.

Despite the newly acquired free time, I was rather busy with other commitments.

Spent 17 hours in a car with John and Garrett over the span of 48 hours to go to a Wake Forest teammate's wedding in Nashville, TN. Reunited with several of my old WF XC teammates. Danced. Watched Matt get married. Tracked Kelly Fillnow in her Ironman in Kona. Worked...a lot. Baked vegan pumpkin cornbread and pumpkin bread. Caught up on emails and wrote people back. Partnered with Mark Hadley to make a race plan. Outlined my 2011 Race Schedule. Ran with friends.

Most importantly, I realized that a lot of people are a part of my "team." After all, if you have a great race or have a terrible race, people come out of the woodwork to show their support. You really come to discover who is cheering for you or who is supporting you, who is a true teammate.

I believe that all of the people in the Charlotte Running Club deserve to feel as a part of a team and I hope that the Club can continue to build upon this sense of shared accomplishment. An accomplishment doesn't just have to be a success story. An accomplishment could be coming back from an injury, finishing a race even when your body is shutting down, or mentally tuning out negative energy around you. There are accomplishments every day in a runner's life, and there are people here to acknowledge that and to cheer you on every step of the way.


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