Monday, October 31, 2016

October in Review

1 Marathon Race
5 States (California, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia)
160 Miles total (55M, 60M, 0M, 22M, 33M)
8.4M - longest run outside of the marathon this month

The big theme for October is obviously my race at the Chicago Marathon.  After that, I embarked on a journey across the midwest and southeast to see family and co-workers.  After the marathon, I saw my Grandma in Bloomington, IL, then drove with my parents to see my nephew in Cincinnati, OH before flying to Charlotte for a 3-day working session.  After that, I wasn't ready to go home yet and flew to Atlanta for Sarah's wedding, where I reunited with my mom (after not seeing her for only three days).  It a whirlwind of a week, but entirely worth it.  By the time I finally got back to California, I was ready for a couple of weeks just at home, where I could get back to my routine.  I slowly started running again, but mainly focused on getting back to the rock climbing gym regularly. I got in a couple of hikes on the weekend to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the green scenery from all the rain!


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