Sunday, August 7, 2016

(Down) Week in Review

41 Miles
19.5M Long Run
3 Days off, 0 doubles
1 climbing day
3 days in NYC

The highlights of this week were:

  1. Taking a couple days off as a reward for winning the SF half
  2. Running along Park Ave in NYC since it was closed for Summer Streets and then doing a loop in Central Park with a group of Team T-Bone girls
  3. Hanging out in NYC with Peter, Merry, Sam, Nikki and Anna....basically gorging myself on chocolate chip cookies and booze.
Considering that this was a down week, it was fun to knock out my longest run in definitely over 14 months in the streets of NYC.  It was hot and humid as hell, but turns out that California hasn't turned me into too big of a baby quite yet.  I felt like I handled the humidity just fine, even if I did have to stop for water a couple of times.  Now I just have 9 or 10 weeks until the Chicago Marathon, where I hope to set a new PR.

This week marked the first weekend of all four in August where I have plans, either traveling to another city or with friends visiting.  Cheers to having tons of friends all over the country!


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