Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week in Review

62 Miles
7 Runs / 1 Double
1 Day off
16 Miles Solo Long Run in 7:00 pace
4 x mile repeats 548,546,543,540 with 60s jog rest
4 days in Illinois

I had hoped that this week would be a solid week of 80+ miles, but my knee started acting up on runs so I wanted to play it safe.  Plus, I was in Chicago and didn't feel like waking up early before our train to my Grandma's house.  Turns out we missed our Amtrak train and had to rent a one-way car rental instead, but how was I supposed to predict that would happen?

Looking past the lower mileage week and minor hiccup with the knee, the week actually was still pretty solid from a quality perspective. I got in some good mile repeats at the greenway on Tuesday with my guys Billy and Gene.  Then I posted a solid long run, where I had zero company.  Let me repeat that.  I ran 16 miles without any friends by my side.  Write this down in the record books, because I'm quite certain that the last time I did a long run by myself was in 2010 in San Francisco.  Yes, it's that rare for me to run solo long runs that I actually remember the last time it happened.

But I digress.  Outside of running, the focus for this week was to hang out with my parents and siblings to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday.  She's doing great and I am so excited to have shared in the celebrations with her.  She's a gem.  She even kept this quite endearing thank you note from me:

Who knew I could be such a comedian?
Runs with dad won't always be possible, so I cherish these runs!


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