Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week in Review

65 Miles
0 Doubles
0 Days Off
10x1 Min Workout
17 mile Hard Progression Run
1 Lift Session

I'm behind on my blog that no one reads besides my dad, so I'm keeping this one short.  After a return trip from California, I struggled to adjust back to the east coast swing of things, which resulted in an abysmal start to the week. Fortunately, things began to look up further down the week, when I completed a solid long run with several miles at 5:55-6:15 pace.  We had a very large crew out at McAlpine on Saturday for this progression run and we all put in a good, hard effort  at 6:30 in the morning.  The rest of the weekend was spent taking naps, eating and hanging out at the pool with friends.  I worked hard to get rid of my tan line and definitely got a sunburn to prove it.   Just three weeks until the USA Half Marathon Championships at Grandma's in Duluth, MN and I am ready!


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