Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week in Review

69 Miles
8 runs
1 Workout Fail
16 mile Long run w/ tempo
2 Light lift sessions
1 Massage

My goal this week was to run 70+ miles for the first time since October 2012, but I got sick last Sunday, which put a hamper on my plans.  Fortunately, my cold (or allergies?) is slowly leaving my system as of today, so I'm confident that a solid week of workouts will get back into full swing!  Midweek, I was a little bummed that my workout basically didn't happen, but I bounced back quickly on Saturday with a solid long run.  Running side by side with Laurie and David, we traversed the McAlpine trails in 645 pace, gradually dropping the pace down as each mile passed.  It helped that the short spell of summer weather had dissipated after a night rain washed away all of the pollen and blew the humidity into the ocean.  The weekend weather was the perfect crisp, cool spring weather that is just too short here in North Carolina, but savored nonetheless.

Next up, Laurie and I are headed to Columbia for the race of intestinal fortitude!


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