Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week in Review

61 Miles
0 Doubles
1 Race - 6k in 21:19
13 Mile Long Run

Well the focus this week was simply to reunite with friends, to cheer loud, and to race hard. I had a great time with Garrett and his mom earlier in the week but still was able to get the miles in, despite the cold weather. I logged a fun workout with Jordan and felt pretty speedy doing it. I felt pretty good about my race on Saturday at the Club XC Champs and was even more excited about our team placement. It was really nice to spend time with former Wake teammates and to reminisce about fun times. I enjoyed my time with Addie Bracy as we invited her over for a pre-race meal with John and Garrett. Best of all, I was able to spend some quality time with all my running friends at the Club XC After Party, including hanging out with Ruth from Twin Cities. This is my sixth week over 60 miles, and I'm gearing up to start hitting 70-80 miles over the next three weeks.


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