Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hot n Humid

Summer is approaching like an ominous thunder cloud into the Charlotte region. Along with summer comes humidity and the dire effects of said humidity on workouts (or attempted workouts).

Take for instance Friday: I woke up at 550am to meet Thomas at McAlpine at 615am. I had intended to do 3x10 minutes, but modified it to 3x8 minutes since I was crunched for time to make it to work at an acceptable hour. In the end, I modified the modified workout to run 2x8 minutes, 2 min rest, 2 min hard. On the first 8 minutes, both Thomas and I felt stretched to be running 6 minute pace. On the second interval, it felt as though my feet were dragging through a hot sand pit. The last two minutes after we passed the mile marker could be categorized as agony, horrible, and seemingly neverending. I kept asking Thomas how much time was left and we were both exasperated.

It was at that point that I decided to modify the workout and just do a two minute interval at a fast pace. I'm fairly certain that it was at the same pace that we had been running the eight minute intervals in, but I didn't actually clock it for that very reason.

Thomas and I warmed down a bit and parted our own ways. I typically have two bad workouts a month, so here is my tally for this month! I made up for the workout by enjoying my weekend to the fullest.

I spent some quality time with old pals from Wake Forest, went to Thomas Street Tavern for the first time and loved it, and enjoyed a long run at Davidson with a big group. I also made some homemade black bean dip, sesame tofu (just for Megan), and summer rice and white bean salad. I would classify this weekend as a winner in terms of the cooking. (Trying to get ready for wifehood...jk). After a night of playing Wii with Meagan and Jordan, I am now considering to buy a fourth wii-mote as well as another Numchuck so that I can try to beat Jordan in Boxing.


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